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Looking for Limerick's coolest place to workout?
Want a fresh approach to the health & fitness experience?

Matchbox is your new lifestyle and fitness destination, offering an unparalleled experience for members.

Alongside the plethora of fitness facilities and equipment, members can enjoy all the yummy perks you’d expect from a private health and fitness club of this calibre, plus clinics offering physiotherapy, nutrition and wellness.

Fancy a post-workout snack and fresh coffee? we've got you covered.

It's definitely worth being a member of Matchbox.


Meet Our Trainers


Jack Moloney

About Me

Discipline: Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Coach

What to expect: Matchbox Director and qualified personal trainer with an interest in the connection between exercise and associated mental health benefits. Jack focuses on helping people build confidence and strength so they can learn to love their own individual bodies and enjoy their journey into the fitness world.⁠ Jack’s focus on functional yet perfectly balanced workouts promises to get your body working in new ways, all while discovering what it really means to hit maximum effort.

To book a personal training session with Jack call 061 603 841 or email


Shane Casey

About Me

Discipline: Strength & Conditioning, High-Intensity Programmes and Personal Training.

What to expect: Shane's motto is "If it does not challenge you, it won't change you". Shane brings this ethos to all his classes and is committed to helping you maximise your training results and obtain your fitness goals. Shane is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and sports massage therapist and draws on each of these disciplines to create bespoke fitness classes with an emphasis on correct form and mobility. He understands that life can be hectic, and it is hard to find time to work out and is committed to delivering manageable, enjoyable and proven to work programmes. His favourite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!

To book a personal training session with Shane call 061 603 841 or email


Owen Tarrant

About Me

Discipline: Strength & Conditioning Coach/Sport Scientist, Head of Performance.

What to expect: He motivates, he inspires and he helps you get better, stronger and faster in every workout. Owen’s credentials are very impressive - having been the strength and conditioning coach for Chiefs Rugby Club, New Zealand Rugby, Munster Rugby and Irish Rugby Football Union. He is currently Head of Performance with Kobe Steelers Rugby and Japan Rugby Football Union. With Owen you’ll feel challenged, grounded, connected and strong.


Niamh O'Connor

About Me

Discipline: Sport & Exercise Scientist, Personal Trainer.

What to expect: Niamh is a sport and exercise scientist with a huge interest in outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing. She is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and health goals by using positive and informative feedback and advice. She has a naturally motivating personality to aid you on your fitness journey - so prepare to channel teamwork, technique and creative choreography as you find your inner queen or king.

To book a personal training session with Niamh call 061 603 841 or email


Chris Beville

About Me

Discipline: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer.

What to expect: Passionate, positive and endlessly encouraging, Chris will drive you beyond your physical and mental boundaries – with immense energy and uplifting encouragement every step of the way. Chris knows how to propel his clients to get lost in the beats of music and find strength inside themselves that they didn’t know they had. If you’re looking for inspiration or a burst of energy to get you going, get yourself to Chris’s spin class asap!

To book a personal training session with Chris call 061 603 841 or email


Laís Miyadaira

About Me

Discipline: Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer.

What to expect: Formally a teacher in Brazil, Lais loves all types of exercise, especially those that challenge her. She is passionate about exercising to music, dancing, walking and having great cups of coffee. With each rep, Lais goes above and beyond in each session to push you to your physical limits and have fun while achieving the best results possible. She loves what she does and loves helping you feel good. Kick-start your fi tness journey with Lais.

To book a personal training session with Laís call 061 603 841 or email


Deirdre Conway

About Me

Discipline: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer.

What to expect: Deirdre’s favourite part of her job is watching peoples self-belief and confidence grow whilst building the best bodies imaginable. She loves teaching people that they can have a balanced lifestyle while not restricting anything. For Deirdre, seeing people achieve what they thought was impossible for them is the most rewarding feeling of all. Motto: Strong Body. Strong Mind.

To book a personal training session with Deirdre call 061 603 841 or email


Olga Niepsuj

About Me

Discipline: BSc in Exercise & Health, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates and Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning.

What to expect: Olga is a certified personal trainer and pilates instructor. When she’s not in the gym, she’s kite-surfing or planning the next snowboarding trip. Her goal is to help clients create a practice that’s sustainable and fulfilling, whether that’s through a combination of pilates, strength training, cardio, or whatever’s calling to you on any given day. Olga knows variety is the spice of life—both in and out of the gym.

To book a personal training session with Olga call 061 603 841 or email

ventilated gym (1)

Fresh Air Ventilated Gym

The gym occupies one floor, with high ceilings and fresh air ventilation. On the first floor you’ll find space for classes and individual training. The generous space includes a glute lab, back zone, Matchfit, free weights, as well as private training sessions.

Matchbox pro-trainers are your committed partners in achieving your health and fitness goals. With experience, knowledge and passion they will be the Matchbox Difference in ensuring your efforts are rewarded.